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December 4, 2014 Comments Off on The edge of the world journal

The edge of the world

I’m heading back out to Neah Bay tomorrow. I’ll be doing a couple surveys, updates on beaches we’ve covered OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbefore, and I’m going to be trying out a new survey method that I think will be easier to implement than the one we’ve been using to this point. Beyond that, I expect to pull some debris out from the beaches I’m visiting… general cleanup but also looking for interesting items that can be used in art activities that the Ikkatsu Project will be involved with in the spring. These art projects will be run through the Foss Seaport Education Program and will include students from area K-12 schools who will construct their own debris sculptures with the help and collaboration of artist-mentors. Hopefully, I can come across some good material for that.

I expect it will be rainy and cold. It is December, after all. I’ll dress for it. I thought about kayaking it again but I decided that wouldn’t really make anything easier. It’s a harsh place in some ways, especially at this time of year. The stunning beauty and amazing shoreline soften those sharper edges though, and yield small pockets of calm in the storms for those who know where to look. Or those who are lucky enough to happen across them.

The second portion of the Tacoma Shoreline Survey has been completed. I’ll have the results up next week. Spoiler Alert: TheOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA beaches here in T-town get covered with more stuff (plastic trash), after the rains. Probably not a news flash, but I’ll put the numbers up next week.

And, in case you haven’t seen the first official trailer for Message in a Plastic Bottle, check it out here. Cool music and warm-looking days on the water on a kayak made out of plastic bottles. Post-production is going well and I’m hoping that not only the film will be out in the spring, but that I’ll have a limited number of books available at that time as well. Obviously, more on that as it all develops.

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