High tides

November 28, 2014 Comments (0) journal

I’m glad the wind stayed down while the water was at its highest… the tide is dropping now but it still looks like a storm is on its way. Big temperature drop scheduled for tonight, but no sign of that happening yet. Still warm and wild, and the rain is back again. I’m

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This mechanical life

In the fuzzy world where environmentalism and politics mix, the underlying processes

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November 20, 2014


There are some things that seem so obviously wrong, they shouldn’t need much

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Message in a Plastic Bottle - First Look

"Message in a Plastic Bottle," due to be released in spring of 2015, documents the improbable voyage of the Hyas yiem, a kayak built out of discarded plastic bottles. From Olympia to Bellingham, 150 miles through the waters of Puget Sound, this film will explore the effects of plastic in the marine environment while capturing the beauty and wonder of Washington's inland coast.

Standing Up

A standup paddleboard made from discarded plastic bottles - and a challenge to rethink single-use plastics. This short film was produced by Robert Entenman and a team of students from UW-Tacoma.

Upcoming Fieldwork and Expeditions

November 2014 ..... Conclusion of 2014 Tacoma Shoreline Survey
December 2014 ..... Cape Flattery Area Surveys
March 2015 ..... Return to the Roadless Coast - Updated surveys of 2012 sites
May 2015 ..... Puget Trail Journey

"Blue Line 2015"

As sea levels rise, the low-lying waterfronts of today are destined to become the tide flats of tomorrow. Although the rate of change is difficult to estimate with absolute certainty, there is no question about the overall trend and direction. The Ikkatsu Project interactive program "Blue Line 2015," is set to begin early next year as a way of previewing the possible futures of coastal communities all over the Pacific Northwest. The blue line on current charts that shows where the water stops and the land begins is not some permanent fixture; indeed, it is already changing. Follow along in 2015 and see where your town will be and what it will look like years from now. Details and start date to be posted soon.