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March 7, 2020 Comments Off on All Things Must Pass journal

All Things Must Pass

Construction began in 2013, and the actual voyage took place in April and May of 2014. From Olympia to Bellingham on a boat made from plastic bottles, 150 miles at a very slow pace. I ended up paddling it as much like a paddleboard as a kayak, but it was equally efficient at both. (Which is to say, not very.)

Still, it made it, and I found that traveling on a boat that is literally made from garbage is an extremely good way to get the conversation going about single-use plastics. As with anything, however, there comes a time to say goodbye. I’ve been slowly deconstructing the Hyas yiém for the past six months or so and I recently got it down to the point that just the frame remained. Now that is gone, as well.

And so it goes, I guess. The sister vessel, Basura del Mar, is still with us. For a little while longer anyway. And in the back of my mind, as well as on some scraps of graph paper here in the office, I have this idea for another one. There is no shortage of ideas.

It’s “The Circle of Life,” as applies to garbage boats.

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