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Funny, Because it’s True

March 21, 2021 Comments (0) journal


The Ikkatsu Project is focused on Exploration, Education and Advocacy, centered primarily on issues of ocean health. That’s pretty broad, by design. Most of what has actually been done in the almost-ten years since Ikkatsu began has been heavy on the exploration and the education, less on the advocacy. This is also a fundamental feature of the organization; as a 501c(3), advocacy is an activity that can’t take up a preponderance of our time, especially political lobbying and direct meetings with representatives.

But it still gets done. Even in this age of Covid, I was able to participate with local Surfrider volunteers as we met virtually last week with several of our DC Reps and Senators. One of the high points was our meeting with former Tacoma Mayor and freshman 10th District Rep Marilyn Strickland. (Not long after our conversation, Rep. Strickland agreed to sign onto pending legislation that we had been asking for that will assist in infrastructure fixes for chronic pollution. It is good to be heard!)

I hope that next year’s DC trip will be in-person rather than a virtual event. Still, this was time well spent.