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February 11, 2020 Comments Off on Make the Call journal

Make the Call

There are a couple plastic-related bills slouching through the halls of government in Olympia today. The “Styrofoam” bill, SB 6213, is getting a hearing in the Senate Ways and Means Committee today and then tomorrow it’s expected to continue forward. HB 2656, dealing with food service products, is in the House Appropriations Committee today.

Picking up the phone and calling the offices of the members of these committees (just click the links above for the numbers), especially those who may be on the fence, will make a difference. You’ll likely just be leaving a message in most cases, but every single one they get has an effect.

Here’s the most important part: You only have until 5:00pm today to get your comments registered. It’s democracy, baby! Make the call.

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