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May 18, 2018 Comments (0) journal

Yowkwala Beach in May

There’s a Surfrider beach cleanup scheduled for tomorrow (May 19), at Yowkwala Beach. It’s a great spot, actually within Tacoma city limits and yet almost completely unknown by its residents. It’s on the north side of Commencement Bay where the prevailing winds often deposit a heavy concentration of plastic debris on the beach, especially over the winter. There should be plenty of trash to go around.

The cleanup is from 2-4pm, followed by a happy hour at Peaks and Pints in Proctor, one of Tacoma’s fast-growing list of ocean-friendly restaurants. The OFR program is another Surfrider creation and here in T-town, it’s being run in cooperation with Metro Parks, something that gives it a lot more reach and visibility.

I hear the weather is going to be iffy. Of course it is.