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A Stormy Day in Paradise

September 13, 2023 Comments Off on Sweeping the Beach journal

Sweeping the Beach

There are two big international beach cleanups scheduled each year… there’s that one in April, back on Earth Day, which is the one that most people probably have heard of, and this one coming up, that maybe most people have not. The International Coastal Cleanup is on the calendar for this coming Saturday, Sep. 16. You can head over to the WA Coastsavers web site to check out where the efforts are focused and you can add your collection to the total amount.

Or you can just go to that one beach, you know the one, that you have visited before, that has gotten under your skin, that one that seems like a cathedral carved into the waterfront cliffs there near the upper left-hand corner of the country. It isn’t easy to get to and even when you’re right next to it, it can still be hard to see. But the sand is perfect, there are logs to sit on and eat your lunch and there are tall grasses above the high tide mark that trap and hide plastic bottles, buoys and all sorts of marine debris. It is not possible to get it all but we will get as much as we can. Watch this space.

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