RIP Tokitae

August 14, 2023 Comments Off on Radio Radio journal

Radio Radio

When we got back to Petersburg from the lighthouse, the news of this year’s cleanup had preceded us, mostly because of the truck full of debris that went south on the ferry the day before we got back. We had used the truck to bring up building materials, dry food and other supplies, which made sense from a logistics standpoint, but we didn’t have a whole lot to put on for the return trip.

Not that it’s an efficient way to dispose of marine debris, but being as there was no difference in the ferry cost between an empty truck and a full one, we decided to fill it up with plastic from the beaches out near Cape Decision. And, being as Scott had to wait in Petersburg for almost a week before the ferry got there, there weren’t many people in town that hadn’t seen the truckload, and the signs explaining what it was and where it came from.

There was a message waiting for me when I got back into coverage from Hannah Flor, a reporter with KFSK, the local radio station. She hosts a show called The Common Good, all about non-profits and the work that they do in Alaska. It was great to meet her and to talk about it all… click here for the full interview.

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