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August 3, 2023 Comments Off on Totals journal


This year’s South Kuiu Cleanup ended up being all about closing the circle for as much beach debris as we could make fit. We didn’t have a dedicated cargo hauler; the debris that we were able to get out from Cape Decision and deposited in a landfill was all shipped as opportune cargo on the jet boat to Petersburg. Depending on how full the boat was, we could send quite a bit with each return trip.

All that said, 1507 pounds is the total weight of what was collected and disposed of this year. Some of these items had been collected 2 or 3 years ago but because of a lack of transportation, we had been holding onto them. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen and I’m already looking forward to next year, when we’ll be ready to show off the magic of the place and the immensity of the task to a whole new cadre of volunteers.

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