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July 2, 2017 Comments Off on A T-Shirt Tale journal

A T-Shirt Tale

I bought a Patagonia t-shirt a couple days ago. Got no deal, paid full price, and it’s fairly expensive for a simple t-shirt. It has “Patagonia” stenciled on the left chest in small letters and on the reverse, it’s got the iconic Patagonia logo with the mountains and the horizontal colored lines. Not particularly stunning art, as these things go, but I was happy to buy it anyway.

With all the insanity being foisted on this country by our child-king and his drooling courtiers, I fear we are starting to see a gradual normalization of thought and behavior that would not have happened in the past. Patagonia, in addition to being a wildly successful company, has consistently fought for the planet and against the knuckle-draggers who would bring further destruction in order to make a buck. The ongoing skirmish over Bear’s Ears is just the most recent example of a company putting its beliefs ahead of easy money; it is by no means the first of these from Patagonia, nor will it be the last.

I think it’s important to support those who support the idea of a clean and healthy world. I don’t mind paying more if it means I’m getting more. I am not a paid shill (although I would not object to the role – call me, Yvon), but I do believe that there are times when it is important to wear your heart on your sleeve. Or on your t-shirt.

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