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The Race That Didn’t Happen

May 31, 2020 Comments Off on How We Look to Other Planets journal

How We Look to Other Planets

This past week was a tough one. In a year where most weeks have been daunting, this latest one set new levels of heartache and raw feelings. It can be hard, in the face of such overwhelming, unrelenting news, to find a way to see anything else, especially anything beautiful.

I’ve said it before, this is not a political site. While we all have biases, the hope is that the idea of clean oceans, healthy watersheds and an environment worth passing on to our children is an idea that should make sense to anyone. But it’s hard. It’s hard not to get political in times like these.

The latest 2-Minute Meeting will be out on Monday… a quick look at kayaking in South Puget Sound, a 2-minute getaway under the Narrows Bridges and into a much quieter spot. And, speaking of kayaking, the Seventy48 race starts on Friday. (I know, I know. The 2020 was cancelled last month, due to coronaggedon, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still do it, right?) Details on the race – that is not actually a race – later this week.

As has been the case all year, things are coming and going all the time and all calendars are being kept in pencil. Stay safe and help each other.

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