The Mountain

What Will it Take?

July 1, 2021 Comments Off on Beginnings journal


It’s hard to say exactly when a trip begins. We tend to remember the high points and the stories of adventure, but we don’t think as often about the genesis of the adventure itself. At some point, a trip goes from being an idea to being a real thing and that point is not easy to identify. And, going forward, it’s almost impossible.

That said, yesterday Chris and I drove the pallets and the kayak up to Seattle and got them on the barge headed north. We’ll pick them up in Wrangell next Tuesday, before going to the lighthouse next Wednesday. It’s a mixed load of supplies, food, tools and equipment that are less expensive and more available in the lower 48 than they are in southeast Alaska. There are things we will need to buy up there but it makes sense to ship others up.

All this to say that, regardless of when this particular trip began, and even though we don’t actually fly out until Monday, I think it’s undeniable that the 2021 South Kuiu Cleanup at Cape Decision has already started.

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