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September 18, 2019 Comments Off on Idle Hands journal

Idle Hands

These are days of constant motion… no time to write. Too busy, with…

Well, I sent in my copy of the agreement today, the one where Werner Paddles is going to help us (The Ikkatsu Project and filmmaker Beau Gaughran), get the film done and out there by next spring. That’s right, “Decision,” a look at marine debris, the plastics problem and the pristine beauty of south Kuiu Island, Alaska. While the trailer has been out for a while, we needed to get some more footage this year and although it feels like it’s been in production for a long time already, this generous sponsorship is going to be a huge part of getting it all wrapped up.

Also gearing up for a presentation next week south of the border. That’s right, heading to Portland for the OOPS chapter meeting… always a good time. Seriously, put the word out to any and all Portland peeps. OOPS usually has a great turnout anyway but I’d really love to pack the place for this one, maybe get the fire marshal involved.

And there’s grants to be applied for, other grants that I have to report on, while work continues on the Giving Tuesday fund drive for this year and the Year-O-Rama party down at the Camp Bar on December 4th. Construction on a new boat is going to start here in the next couple days (and there’s a whole new expedition linked with that, but we’ll leave the details aside for now), and several school programs are currently being developed for use this fall and winter.

So there’s plenty to keep me out of trouble. Probably.

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