Almost Back

July 9, 2019 Comments Off on Radio Silence journal

Radio Silence

In a few minutes, I will get up from this table at the Stikine Inn (where I’ve been gulping down the coffee and poaching their internet for past couple of hours), and walk back up the narrow streets of Wrangell to the room. Packing won’t take more than a few minutes and then it’s off to the grocery store for meat, dairy and fresh stuff. Some final packing of this week’s supplies and transporting it all to the dock, then the load-out and the four-hour trip to the lighthouse.

The lighthouse. There is a lot of work to be done but when we first get there, after all of the supplies are safely off the boat and onto the rocks, I think I am just going to sit down for a while, soak it in. It is a wonderful, magical place and sometimes you just have to sit still and appreciate that.

And with that, I am blissfully out-of-touch for the rest of the month.

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