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December 28, 2019 Comments Off on In Summary journal

In Summary

The South Kuiu Cleanup is a fairly demanding operation, both logistically and physically, and although it typically happens in the month of July, I never really feel like it’s over until the report comes out. Last year’s summary was done in a respectable time but this year’s was slow to come together. Life got in the way at every turn, it seemed, but better late than never, yes?

The SKC 2019 Summary is online and complete. Well, mostly complete. The water samples have three or four more test runs before those numbers really make sense but the first round of preliminary results are in. The individual tally sheets are included in the appendix for those who like the details, although I don’t think they make particularly good reading. But the report is a decent read, if I do say so, and gives a solid account of what got done and where.

Just writing it, just reading it, makes me hungry to go back. Cape Decision gets under the skin like no place else, at least that’s my experience. Looking forward to this year’s trip. Wanna go?

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