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February 14, 2019 Comments Off on Rolling Up journal

Rolling Up

I was traveling last week, right up until yesterday. Which means that I missed out on the Snowpocalypse (mostly), although I heard plenty about it, even down in sunny California. Actually, I wouldn’t exactly say that I “missed” it; the little daily upheavals in school schedules and transportation are still continuing.

I hope that it has come to an end for this year, anyway. The upcoming weeks are filled with presentations and tabling opportunities (check out the calendar on the right side of the Home page for a list), and I hope that you can make it out to one of them and say hello. The next one up is the Cocktails and Fish Tales event with Harbor Wildwatch next week… that is going to be a lot of fun, I think. It’s a recap of last year’s South Kuiu Cleanup and a look ahead to what will be coming up on the 2019 Alaska trip. (There are still a few spots remaining on week 1 for this July… get in touch if you’d like to get on the list.)

Then there’s the South Sound Sustainability Expo. That’s going to be a great day and I am looking forward to getting the Basura del Mar back out where people can see it, as well as talking with folks about this year’s opportunities to get involved. The 2019 Tacoma Shoreline Survey is coming up on May 18th, for example… and so on.

I’m going to stop there for now, but there are more listings on the calendar and I’ll undoubtedly have more to say about them as they roll up on the schedule. I’m hoping to talk with as many people as possible and get the issue of plastic use out there where we can work on making a difference at a personal and at a local level.


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