Once more into the breach

Slow boat to Bellingham

May 14, 2014 Comments Off on Final prep journal

Final prep

It’s going to be a tough launch on Friday from Cypress Island. A minus tide means mud, and lots of it. I don’t think the launch tomorrow from Anacortes will be too bad; it’s on a steeper beach and I should be able to coax the boat down to water without too much drama. The last morning from Lummi will be tough, just because it’s going to have to be such an early one… I think I should be ok getting out of there too though. No, Friday’s going to be the ugly one.

I’m getting it all put together now, gearing up for the end of the trip. It may take me a while to process it all… I have certainly learned a lot and I am looking forward to seeing where these new realizations are going to lead.

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