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The way of the dinosaurs

November 20, 2013 Comments Off on Today’s Tom Sawyer journal

Today’s Tom Sawyer


The actual bottle gluing and boat assembly starts this weekend. Before all that can happen, however, the frame has to get put together; it is what will provide the lateral and longitudinal structure for the kayak and even though it’s not a big job to put it together, there will be a lot riding on it working well.

Basically what we’re talking about is a pair of 2×4’s, 12 feet long, and a few plywood panels. The cutting was done this morning but before it can get put together, it needed a coat of paint. The salt water is going to take its toll eventually but the idea behind painting the individual pieces is to put that reckoning off for as long as possible. And maybe it will make it look a little better too.

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