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November 29, 2023 Comments Off on Why We Can’t Have Nice Things; Number 153 journal

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things; Number 153

I was musing a few days ago about how the whole concept of having a climate conference in Dubai was a lame idea, with questionable goals and what the media would call, “bad optics.” Now it comes out that the former oil exec, Sultan al Jabar, who was somehow seen as the best choice to lead the UN’s climate efforts (don’t tell me significant money didn’t change hands with that decision), has plans for multiple private meetings while at COP28, to talk with representatives from oil-producing countries, and try to get them to expand production.

Kind of strange, no? The one who is supposed to be leading the UN’s quest to lower emissions and cut the use of fossil fuels is doing back-door deals to expand production of fossil fuels.

It seems like more than bad optics. The whole thing is demonstrably rotten to the core and at the uber-level, at least,  the foxes are firmly in control of the environmental hen house.

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