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Facts Don’t Care

January 26, 2022 Comments (0) journal


One of the items that has been moved up the priority list for 2022 is the development of a teacher training program that is focused on microplastics and how individual teachers can present the topic in their classes. Essentially, it’s the 4-day workshop that the Ikkatsu Project has been taking in to Middle Schools since 2015, but instead of being taught by an outside instructor, the regular classroom teachers will now have the knowledge, the equipment and the lesson plans to do it themselves. (With the continuing uncertainties of the pandemic, it doesn’t seem likely that outside instructors are going to be welcomed back to schools anytime soon; this program is being put together to get past this fact going forward.)

It’s a challenge. There is a lot to consider and each task holds multiple other steps that need to be addressed. The trial run is coming in April, which seems like it is a long way off still. But it’s not.