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January 28, 2022 Comments Off on Facts Don’t Care journal

Facts Don’t Care

Remember when there were people who didn’t believe in climate change? Remember when large segments of society (and their moronic political representatives), thought that sea level rise was just a liberal hoax? That because it snowed yesterday meant that global warming wasn’t real and that just because there were more adverse weather events, like hurricanes and fires, didn’t mean we needed to prepare for a future that would be any different from the past? Remember?

I’m going to be going to Hawaii next month, to visit “Plastic Beach,” among other, more typical tourist destinations. Which is why this piece about the disappearing beach at Waikiki caught my eye, and will make me see it differently this time, compared to my last visit, more than a dozen years ago.

Two things: First, the morons are still out there, still gibbering on about things they don’t understand and categorically refusing to learn. (It is impossible to learn anything when you think you already know everything.) Second, it’s science. Things like a warming atmosphere and rising sea levels don’t require belief. Science is true whether you believe it or not.

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