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March 23, 2020 Comments Off on Postpone, Cancel, Delay journal

Postpone, Cancel, Delay

It is one thing to reshuffle your priorities, quite another when circumstances reshuffle them for you. That, however, is the situation in which we all find ourselves at the moment, with no real indication of how long this moment will last. Plans are changed, dates shifted, then canceled outright. Goals are reexamined, trips postponed and nothing, nothing seems normal.

What is true at the individual level is also true for organizations, even tiny ones like the Ikkatsu Project. All school programs that were on the calendar for this spring are no longer happening, the 3rd Annual Tacoma Shoreline Survey will not happen this May (look for a September date soon), and production of the film “Decision,” a short doc about Ikkatsu’s remote beach cleanups in southeast Alaska is on hold, at about 90% done. It may not matter, in a way. All the film festivals we were looking at entering are cancelled or are in the process of rescheduling anyway, and the idea of putting together our own series of west coast showings this fall is obviously on hold.

It takes the wind out of you, no way around it. In the same way that each of us is being forced, in one way or another, to reexamine our personal goals and priorities, organizational priorities are also open to changes. One thing that social distancing is giving us is time and space to think things through, in a way that we may not have had before.

Watch this space.

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