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Looking Forward, Part 2

December 28, 2018 Comments (0) journal

Looking Forward, Part 1

With 2018 winding down, it seems like a good time for a preview of what the next year has on tap, in terms of specific programs and goals. Over the years, the Ikkatsu Project has worked primarily in the area of marine debris and plastic in the water, but emphasis items have changed from time to time. In 2019, major efforts will be focused in three main areas:

  • Data Collection & Analysis/Beach Cleanups
  • Education
  • Outreach

There are a number of different programs in each of these categories. Certain programs have elements that fall into more than one category and overlap between areas is pretty common. Still, the choice about where the energies will be put next year is based on how each program fits into this overall template.

Over the next few posts, as one year eases into another and the calendars all reset, I’d like to provide a closer look at the 2019 plans within each of these categories. There is a certain amount of speculation built-in and predictions of what might happen are not always accurate, but it’s valuable to have a plan, even if that plan ends up changing. Financing is a factor – not all of these programs are funded yet – so the scope of any particular program is subject to change, but the programs themselves are still planned to go on.

In the next post, I’ll walk us through the data collection and analysis efforts as well as look at the various beach cleanups that are coming up. I hope it’s helpful to break things down this way… it’s helpful for me.