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November 11, 2018 Comments Off on First Numbers journal

First Numbers

The Tacoma Shoreline Survey went down yesterday, all 13 miles of Tacoma’s waterfront covered by 78 volunteers, counting the debris they found and picking it up as they went. I haven’t run all the numbers yet (final debris tallies should be ready later this week), but most of the 669 pounds of trash collected was foamed plastic, plastic bottles and plastic scraps.

Thanks to all who made it happen: South Sound Surfrider for the excellent support at the sorting/weighing booth; Citizens for a Healthy Bay with a great turnout at Jack Hyde Park and Metro Parks for covering the Owen Beach/Point Defiance section. All the volunteers were incredible and I know the phrase gets overused, but it couldn’t have been done without you. Thank you, again.

This will happen again. It’s too cool not to. I’m thinking about next April or May, once the rains have flushed out the creeks and the winter storms have washed more things ashore. Who’s in?

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