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Update: The Battle of the Bag

May 4, 2016 Comments (0) journal


How is this product even legal? Here you’ve got a jug of little plastic BBs, that if used properly, will ensure the negative effects of plastic in the environment get worse. At what point did someone sit down and say, “Yes, by Jove! We’ll form plastic into tiny balls and make people pay to spread it all over land and sea.”

I was sitting by a river the other day, waiting for the next class to arrive for a session of water and sediment testing, and at my feet was a pile of what looked a little like salmon eggs. Bait. But that’s not what they were. Instead, I had happened across a little cache of these airsoft pellets. And for a few seconds there, I lost all hope for the future.

It’s back now, but it’s still a little wobbly.