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March 30, 2013 Comments Off on Next phase journal

Next phase

The funding campaign is over. We didn’t reach our stated goal but honestly, we still feel pretty good about it. For those of you who did contribute to this year’s project, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts… it will be successful, and when it is, it will be because of your generosity and vision. In addition to the Indiegogo funding site, we also brought in donations at the showings that we did in theaters and presentation rooms from Forks to Bellingham to San Francisco, and that helped us raise what we needed as well. What finally put us over the top was a generous grant from the Bamford Foundation, which will help us not only to make Secrets of Augustine, but will also fund the development of curriculum about marine plastic debris that will eventually be available for students of all ages.

And so, onward. Right now, there are Easter eggs to hide but once that madness has subsided, the expedition prep moves into high gear. The next few weeks will see us getting our boats from Seaward, rounding up a few more pieces of photo gear and planning a shakedown trip for sometime in May. Look for a few more short videos as we move forward – we’ll post them here as we get the chance – and keep checking back as the departure date gets closer.

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