Tacoma Shoreline Survey; Save the Date!

Let Your Fingers Do the Talking

March 8, 2021 Comments Off on Rigid Flexibility journal

Rigid Flexibility

The Ikkatsu Project annual scheduling usually begins with a list of programs, arranged in the order of which are most date-dependent. For example, the South Kuiu Cleanup can really only happen in July and because it’s almost a full month and very remote, it gets put on the calendar first and nothing else gets scheduled during the same period. It’s not that way for everything, not for most things, actually. If a program is close to home and of a shorter duration, it can be juggled more easily. Sometimes dates get moved simply because, as the year progresses, different scheduling opportunities make more sense than what was originally planned.

All this to say that the schedule of events for 2021 is in flux. The Tacoma Shoreline Survey has slipped from April to June, in order to collaborate with the Tacoma Oceanfest and in the hope that there will be more in-person possibilities six more weeks further on. For the most part, a schedule in flux is business as usual, but it can be disorienting this early in the year, with still so much up in the air, not just as an organization, but as a society. We are all jugglers now, after a year of pandemic and shattered schedules, no matter who you are. Keep checking the online Ikkatsu calendar for updates and roll with the changes.

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