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March 10, 2021 Comments Off on Let Your Fingers Do the Talking journal

Let Your Fingers Do the Talking

Time for some direct democracy once again. Washington State HB5022 is due in committee tomorrow, March 11, and it needs support. Lots of it, from you and your friends and family. This bill deals with single-use plastics, removes plastic from the waste stream and demands higher usage of post-consumer plastic in future consumer items. It’s just a start.

We’re lucky to live in a state where these items even receive serious consideration. It is time, again, to show those who make the decisions what we want those decisions to be. It only takes a minute to add your approval in this discussion. You don’t need to testify and you will not be contacted afterward. It really is just a few clicks of the mouse and filling in a couple of blanks. Here’s a step-by-step guide to how to make it happen:

1… Navigate your index finger to: https://app.leg.wa.gov/CSIRemote/House
2… Click on the Committee name (House Environment & Energy), and on the specific date and time for the meeting: March 11, 1:30 pm
3… Select the proper bill (HB5022 – Recycling, Waste and Litter)
4… Click on “I would like my position noted for the legislative record,” and where it asks for your position, click “PRO,” then add your contact information.

That’s it. Thanks, already.

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