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February 25, 2014 Comments (1) journal

Todd rocks!

Big thanks again this year to Todd Fischer for another amazing painting. Todd took a few of our photos from last year’s Augustine expedition and used them as inspiration for the new piece, and it is truly an inspired work of art. It’s mounted in one of his beautifully rugged beach lumber frames and it will look great on your wall. That’s right… your wall. We’ll be selling raffle tickets for the original until later this year and some incredibly lucky person is going to be taking it home. (We’ll put out some more info on that later in the week.) We do have posters, prints and greeting cards for sale now though… More on those to follow too.

For now, just know that Todd Fischer is pretty awesome. You should check out his site next.

One Response to Todd rocks!

  1. Bryce Gorman says:

    That’s really cool!