In the News

We didn’t plan to be in the papers and on the TV when we started out. (Quite honestly, we didn’t plan a lot of things!) Still, during the first year we were up and running, we had a number of spins through the media cycle and got to the point that being on the radio in Santiago or talking to a print reporter in Delhi didn’t seem that out-of-place anymore. Still waiting on Oprah to call though!

Stories about the Ikkatsu Project have been featured on each of these media outlets:


Kyodo News Network (Japan)
The New York Times
The Washington Post
The Seattle Times
The Oregonian (Portland)
The Los Angeles Times
The Vancouver Daily Sun
El Mercurio (Santiago, Chile)
The Daily Telegraph (London, UK)
The Times of India (Delhi)
New Zealand Herald (Aukland, NZ)
The Daily News (Longview, WA)
North Coast News (Ocean Shores, WA)
Peninsula Daily News (Port Angeles, WA)
The Daily World (Aberdeen, WA)
Sea Kayaker Magazine
Canoe & Kayak Magazine


National Public Radio
National Geographic Radio
KUOW – Earthfix
KISM (Bremerton)


Asahi Television Network (Japan)
NBC Nightly News
KIRO TV (Seattle)
KING TV (Seattle)
KCPQ TV (Seattle)


CNN (Canoe and Kayak Magazine)
Coast and Kayak

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