The Ikkatsu Project is funded primarily by contributions. We don’t have a particularly large budget and we don’t spend much money in any given year, but we do our best to ensure that all the funds we do receive are used in the best possible way to advance the Ikkatsu mission: to raise awareness about the threats to the health of our oceans.

ikkatsu The STORE page is currently under construction and should be online someday. The idea is to have a selection of items that will help to spread the message about marine plastics, sea level rise and other issues, and choosing an item or two from this page and completing your purchase here on the Ikkatsu Project site will be a simple process. For now, however, that is not the case.

Meanwhile, you can still make a donation quickly and easily using the link provided on the Ikkatsu home page. Every nickel makes a difference. Thank you for your support.

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