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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

May 11, 2023 Comments (0) journal

The Garbage Stick

The Palo de Basura is complete. It floats, tracks pretty well and seems like it will be pretty seaworthy. But it’s heavy. Lord, it’s heavy. From a dead stop in the water, getting it going is a little like a train starting out. Not much happens with the first stroke, the second sees a little movement and by the time I get a half dozen strokes in, she’s up to speed. (If speed is the right word.)

Still, the math works out. If I can maintain an average speed of 1.5 knots, I can do it with 8 hours to spare. Easy peasy, on paper. The real thing will be different and it is going to be as much a test of will as it is a test of muscles.

This is a pretty good writeup on the race and the rationale behind the board and why I’m doing it. Be sure to use the Seventy48 racetracker to follow along with the progress on June 2-4.