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December 4, 2022 Comments Off on Plastic Jesus journal

Plastic Jesus

It’s seldom that you get to see a classic Iron Age ritual going full-monty on 21st century technology, but if you’re a fan of irony, you could hardly do better than this one. It seems that the practice of communion-in-a-bag is becoming widely popular across a range of Christian megachurches, proving not only that a significant portion of the general public lacks basic self-awareness but also that the line between the sacred and the profane has been completely worn away.

The body and blood of Christ now comes prepackaged in single-use plastic, one portion each. “Rip and sip,” they call it. It’s a convenient, more Covid-friendly, sanitary way to worship, from what I hear. (If you’d like to read more on the matter, there’s this.)

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