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May 11, 2022 Comments Off on That Stewardship Thing journal

That Stewardship Thing

The Puget Creek stewardship day last Saturday was a big success. Small group but maximum effort and we got an old plastic fabric fence removed, along with a few hundred pounds of other debris. Total weight of what got taken out was 457 pounds and we’re already looking ahead to the next one, August 21st.

Putting anything like this together is always a cooperative effort. Thanks to South Sound Surfrider for all the logistical assistance and to Stena Troyer, who regaled the group with stories of salmon and how they fit into the Puget Creek ecosystem. It was awesome!

The August stewardship day will focus on community with some woodworking projects, plant care, trash cleanup and water monitoring, as well as an introduction tot he history of Puget Creek. Click on the volunteer page when you get the chance!

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