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January 2, 2022 Comments Off on Kings and Pressure journal

Kings and Pressure

It’s king tide time of year again and according to the wikiverse, it’s an event that will “occur at new and full moon when the Earth, Moon and Sun are aligned at perigee and perihelion, resulting in the largest tidal range seen over the course of a year.” Mostly, our tides here in the Salish Sea peak during this first week in January, the time of year when the Earth is closest to the Sun. And when you factor in air pressure, which is dropping steadily right now, those tides get even higher. (The actual weight of the air at any given time has a measurable effect on tide height: less pressure equals higher tides.) A foot or more above the posted tidal forecast can make a big difference if you are out and about along the shoreline this weekend. Know the tide schedule and act accordingly.

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