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May 4, 2021 Comments Off on Give it up for… journal

Give it up for…

If your inbox looks anything like mine today, it should be obvious that it’s GiveBig time once again. It’s a great chance to support locally-focused nonprofits here in Cascadia, organizations that can use financial help to get their important work done. Fundraising is hard, no question, and it sometimes feels even more difficult knowing that it is taking away from the real work that you had hoped to get done. I completely get it.

Which is why the Ikkatsu Project only has one active fund drive each year, and this isn’t it. (As Giving Tuesday approaches, later this year, you’ll hear more on the subject and it’s not to say that your contribution would not be welcome at any time.) But by only doing one ask a year, we’re hoping to cut down on the donor fatigue that can happen at times like these and to direct some attention to some of the other organizations that we work with and support on a regular basis. There are others, but take a look at South Sound Surfrider, Harbor Wildwatch and Citizens for a Healthy Bay, when you get the chance… and consider a donation.

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