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August 19, 2020 Comments Off on Your Name on the List journal

Your Name on the List

Registration for the 3rd Annual Tacoma Shoreline Survey is open! Sign up to be a part of cleaning Tacoma’s beaches and tracking the debris that you find, working together with other residents to make our waterfront greener and healthier. By putting your name on the list, you can help us even out the effort, making sure that all of the sections receive adequate coverage; your survey information is added to our totals and included in the national database; and  you are eligible to win a prize!

A big thanks to our partners for this one-day operation: Tacoma Oceanfest, South Sound Surfrider and Citizens for a Healthy Bay. A big thanks also to the City of Tacoma, for help with disposal and recycling. It most definitely does take a village to pull something like this together.

Registration is easy. Just click on the page and fill it in. If you have questions, please contact the Ikkatsu Project at any time… and thanks for being a part of this unique and valuable story.

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