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July 16, 2020 Comments Off on Come on, November journal

Come on, November

As I have insisted before, this is not a political page. Or at least, I never intended it to be. I haven’t changed my mind about it and to the extent that it’s possible, political commentary is generally kept off the page entirely.

But how to think about the fact that more than 100 significant environmental protections have been systematically weakened and brought down over the past three years, brutally negated by the very agencies and people who had sworn to protect them? It’s not like we couldn’t see it coming. It’s not like these stuffed suits were even trying to hide it. Is talking about this calculated environmental catastrophe a political discussion? It’s hard to see how it isn’t, especially when the facts are so big and so obvious, the corruption so complete, and when the perpetrators are so inordinately proud of the destruction they continue to cause.

There’s more to say. There almost always is. Click on the link above if you want the painful facts about the irreparable harm that’s been done and the dangerous buffoons who are doing it. For now, it might be best to stop before I get too preachy. Maya Angelou said it better than I ever could anyway:
             “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

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