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Come on, November

July 8, 2020 Comments (0) journal

July Status

As the lockdowns come and go, in a cycle that looks like something we may as well get used to for a while, it makes more and more sense to keep our focus close to home. At least for now. The options are limited anyway – not sure when we’ll be allowed to travel like we used to – but even with that, there are other, very good reasons for a closer look at this part of Cascadia that we call home.

The 2-Minute Meeting series was started a couple of months ago as a way to share this region online, not only with residents but with anyone curious about the Salish Sea and the surrounding countryside. It’s an amazingly beautiful place, filled with history and adventure, and it’s remarkable how much there is to do within a fairly defined area. We are fortunate, those of us who live in this particular bioregion, and I feel pretty lucky to be able to share it in this way.

I hope you’ve watched and I hope it’s been enjoyable. There are 8 of them in the archive now and each one has been a learning experience to make, especially this last one. I hope you get the chance to check them out and please fire back a comment, suggestion, gripe or praise. I am definitely in the market for more topics… what is it you want to know about the Salish Sea? Pretty sure the rest of us want to know it too.