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May 2, 2020 Comments (0) journal

Fundraising in the Apocalypse

Giving Tuesday is the basis for the Ikkatsu Project’s once-a-year fund drive. It happens on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving and it’s an international effort aimed at getting valuable contributions into the hands of non-profits of all persuasions. Falling during the holiday season and right at the end of the year, GT has been a great opportunity to tell the story of what the Ikkatsu Project has accomplished during the previous 12 months and to ask for financial participation to help programs in the year ahead.

With the current crisis taking a toll on every part of our society, GT has teamed up with Give Big!, a similar effort that normally takes place in May. The result is a kind of uber-fund drive, an all-hands-on-deck appeal for non-profit giving. It’s scheduled for this coming Tuesday, May 5th.

While the Ikkatsu Project is perennially short on funds, like many small non-profits, it isn’t taking an active part in this current drive. First of all, it’s only been six months since the last one. Second, the Ikkatsu Project was never intended to be in non-stop fundraising mode. Some organizations are, but that’s never been how it’s been done here. Lastly, these are uncertain economic times for everyone, and a heavy dose of solicitation doesn’t seem like the right move for this organization, not during the onset of what may turn out to be a long-term period of financial instability for a lot of us.

With all that said, if you do find yourself with money you’d like to donate, check out the Giving Tuesday website. There are numerous organizations doing great work during these hard times that could use your support. If you are already an Ikkatsu Project donor, you have our continuing gratitude always and I hope that you are confident of the way your support has been used. Please don’t take this present lack of participation in this particular Giving Tuesday as a sign that we don’t need and value every dollar that we receive, but for the reasons given above, the Ikkatsu Project is sitting this one out.