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The Core

It’s hard to compare the different Ikkatsu Project programs, mostly because they each have different emphasis points and objectives. Which is how it should be, I suppose, and the existing programs are all scheduled to continue in 2020. To wit:

Puyallup Watershed Microplastics Study
Hard to believe that this one is going into it’s 6th year! The Ikkatsu Project teaches four-day field study and analysis programs in Middle Schools at various places in the watershed. The program expands and contracts from year to year and participating schools have included Lakeridge (Sumner), Orting, Jason Lee (Tacoma), Carbonado and Annie Wright School in Tacoma. Several of these, along with new partners, will continue with us this spring and fall.

Tacoma Shoreline Survey
This is going to be year #3 for this unique beach cleanup opportunity. Thirteen miles of city shoreline, 150 volunteers counting what they find and getting it off the beach. It does make a difference – last year’s total was almost 1,100 pounds! This year it’s on the calendar for May 16.

South Kuiu Cleanup
Heading back to Alaska again this July for the third year of remote beach surveys near the southern tip of Kuiu Island. We use kayaks to get to some of the more difficult spots and we’ve managed to get more than 2 tons of debris off the beaches already. Based out of the Cape Decision lighthouse, this is a remote and wild place at the edge of the world that gets under the skin and stays there. Just ask anyone who’s made the trip so far.

So there you have it, these are the programs that will continue on through this year and many more, most likely. Each one has a different emphasis and a unique purpose, even though they are all very connected. If you’re interested in volunteering for these or other programs, there is a contact link on the Ikkatsu Home page. Just click on the “Volunteer” header to get in touch.

Coming next is a look at some of the new programs for 2020, more twists and turns. Until then.

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