The Giving Season

Merci Encore!

November 17, 2019 Comments (0) journal

The Dark Season

It’s here. The time of year when it’s more dark than light, more night than day, when you think it’s about 11:30 but a quick look at the clock has you watching the cold, green numbers on the clock turn a weak 7:15. There’s a lot to be said for hibernation. Hibernation and beer.

This year’s South Kuiu Cleanup Summary is getting near to done… just did the first run of the water samples yesterday afternoon at the lab at UPS. Huge help from Ikkatsu Science Advisor Peter Hodum, results on 5 out of 6 samples (yes, there’s a story there), and also good to get Beau Gaughran down to get some footage (most likely the last of it), for the “Decision” film that’s coming out next spring.

That’s a lot of beta in just one sentence, and it’s kind of vague. Generally positive but obscured, yes? That’s how it is here in the dark season, just hanging in there until the sun gets back, until the days get more daylight, when conversation comes easier.

Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to come out and get all the pertinent info in person, to win prizes and meet interesting people, with your own pint of ale in your hand, at the 2019 Year-O-Rama in a couple of weeks. Make s’mores at your table, amirite?