That Which Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Stronger


May 30, 2019 Comments Off on Calm journal


The Seventy48 starts tomorrow. Tomorrow evening at 7pm, as it happens. My route plan calls for me to go all night, trying to make it to Port Madison in about 12 hours. That’s about 40 miles, I think, a doable distance and time but as an all-nighter? I may pull up short if I have to, but I don’t want to.

I’m mostly packed. I should be able to take care of all the pre-race registration and meetings tomorrow afternoon. Captain’s meeting is at 3pm and it’s all business from there on.

My plan is to take 10-20 minutes every time I stop to pick up whatever debris I can find. It’s not a scientific effort, just a chance to see what’s out there and what can be collected along the way. More on this after the race is over.

About time to put together the menu, make sure I get it all packed up. Might even have a nap.

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