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October 30, 2018 Comments Off on Tacoma Shoreline Survey, Update #3 journal

Tacoma Shoreline Survey, Update #3

This post will provide tide information as well as info on how to sign up to participate in the survey. For more details on the overall objectives, the different sections and the number of volunteers that are still needed to make it all work, please look back to the two previous updates, here and here.

For those who are doing the survey and cleanup on foot, low tide is usually the best time to go. Some folks will be covering more beachfront than others, and will need to plan their activities around the tide more closely. For those counting and cleaning from the water, depending on the section they’re doing, may actually want to go closer to high water. Questions about what times would be best on November 10th for each spot is one of the items we’ll be going over at the pre-survey check-in at the pizza place. But I’m getting ahead of myself again.

Below are the tides for Commencement Bay on the day of the survey. Times and heights will vary slightly on the Narrows side of Point Defiance.

07:06 Sunrise
07:11 12.19 feet High Tide
12:49 6.43 feet Low Tide
16:39 Sunset
17:46 10.71 feet High Tide

To Register, take a look back to the shoreline sections that are laid out in Update #2. You’ll be able to get a basic idea of the size of the sections and the minimum number of volunteers we’ll be seeking for each one. (Keep in mind that you are not necessarily signing up to do a full section, depending on your selection. Most of the sections are going to take several teams to cover.)

Once you’ve picked your survey section, send an email to register. Include the names of any other participants on your crew (if applicable), your contact information and the section and area you’d like to focus on. Indicate whether you will be on foot or paddling. Send it to and you’ll get your name(s) put on the chart and receive a confirmation email in return.

On the evening before the survey kicks off, the Ikkatsu Project will be hosting a pre-survey check-in at Round Table Pizza, 2629 N. Pearl St, in Tacoma. That’s where we’ll give out the final info on where each person or group is going, best times to go, where to deliver the items that are collected and how to use the app. We’ll also be giving out the paper tally sheets and selected cleanup supplies, and will hopefully answer any remaining questions. We’ll be set up in the party room from 7:00pm – 8:30pm… please drop by for information, supplies and a slice of pizza!

OK… that’s about it. If you have any questions or comments, send them in an email to the address above. This is going to be a fun day of getting something accomplished for our city and the Sound. Thank you for making it happen.


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