En Route

A Word Problem

July 10, 2018 Comments Off on Unplugged journal


Poaching the wifi at the Stikine Inn, waiting for the coffee shop to open, on the last morning for a while that I’ll be in range, on the grid, reachable. Not long after the boat leaves the dock here in Wrangell, I’m going to be out of touch for a while.

It’s funny. That doesn’t happen much anymore. We don’t get the chance to disconnect all that often and it’s strange to think how common it used to be and how hard it is now to truly be alone. I am looking forward to this time; I think it will be refreshing.

The chores got done yesterday, the provisions have been bought, and we’re as prepared as we’re gonna get. (That’s Scott in the photo, sorting the potatoes as we finish the packing process.) Through a strange turn of events, we ended up buying all the 5-gallon jerry cans in town right about close-of-business yesterday. It’s a funny story, sort of, or it could be if it all ends well. It’s hard to keep up with these little vignettes that spiral around us almost constantly, like zephyrs in the schedule, keeping us on our toes.

It will be good to get out there, to get to work. This will be the last post for a while… I wonder what changes will come between now and the next time.

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