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June 26, 2018 Comments Off on Picking Up Speed journal

Picking Up Speed

The time is getting compressed now, days are few and moving fast. Marc and I will be catching the Alaska ferry out of Bellingham on the 6th of July. Whatever hasn’t been done in preparation at that point isn’t going to get done at all… meaning that every minute between now and then is important.

Today is for packing the goods. Scott Higgins, Cape Decision Board Member, and I will be building up a couple of pallets worth of supplies for shipment to Wrangell later this week. (The photo above is from last week. The pile has grown significantly since then.) A lot of dry goods, soda and beer, kayak supplies and extra gear… we’ll get the meat and dairy items once we’re up there but pretty much everything else is going on the slow boat.

It would be difficult to overstate how much I am looking forward to getting back up to Southeast. This is going to be a good trip.

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