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June 19, 2018 Comments (0) journal

A Shift in the Wind

Almost as I finished writing the last post, the race recap, my mind switched over to Alaska mode. Like a switch being flipped or a sudden gust of wind. Three weeks from today, Marc and I will be arriving at the lighthouse for this year’s South Kuiu Cleanup. Between now and then, there are a whole lot of details to wrestle with… I alternate between confidence and panic fairly regularly these days.

But it will be worth it all when we step off the deck of the jet boat and onto the rocky shores of the Gut there at Cape Decision (weather permitting, of course). Walking up under the helipad and on to the steps of the lighthouse, looking south to the Spanish Islands and Coronation, seeing the green hill behind us, the white tower above us and the wide, blue expanse of the distant Pacific… all of this seems like a dream now. To say I am looking forward to it would be something of an understatement.