Six Days and a Wake-Up

And So…

June 5, 2018 Comments Off on A Moment of Concern journal

A Moment of Concern

“It’s a huge problem. We use a lot of plastic.”

So goes the last line of the article I read about the pilot whale that died this week after eating more than 80 plastic bags. It was all over the interwebs a few days ago although it has since disappeared from the news… but that is what happens with these stories. There is outrage, sadness, disbelief. There are insistent calls to be more mindful and pledges from high and low to use less, to preserve more, to be part of some yet-to-be-articulated solution.

And then the story slips from our minds. At least until news of the next atrocity hits, and we do it all over again. Because it’s a huge problem. We use a lot of plastic.

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