A Grand Time

Moving On

May 9, 2018 Comments Off on Gratitude journal


Today is Give Big!, a one-day fundraiser based in Seattle that the Ikkatsu Project is participating in. Thank you to those who have already contributed… I am continually blown away by your generosity and support. The money that has been raised so far, between last Sunday’s Social and the Give Big donations that have already come in, is enough to cover about half of the costs of a larger boat for transporting debris this summer between Kuiu Island and Wrangell. That’s amazing! Again, thank you.

If we can cover the rest of the boat costs by the end of the day, when the 2018 Give Big! campaign comes to a close, I will make that call first thing in the morning. Being able to remove larger quantities in a shorter time, especially in a region known for frequent storms and foul weather, is the kind of thing that would make such a huge impact on this summer’s cleanup… words fail me.

If you haven’t made your contribution yet, it’s real easy. Just click on the link below and follow the instructions. Give Big! ends at midnight, tonight. And, finally, thank you.



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