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March 16, 2018 Comments Off on Moving Day journal

Moving Day

The glue I used to actually assemble the foam chunks into a boat is pretty stout glue. Even though the temperature in the workshop was icy cold for most of the construction process, it still set up great, and I’m happy with the way it’s come together.

The glue I’ll be using to get the skin on and stuck is simple wood glue and it doesn’t like cold weather. The temperature needs to be a minimum of 55 degrees for application (higher temps preferred), and we haven’t had that in the garage for several months now. I’m still shooting for sea trials in April, so the clock is ticking and I need to get it finished up.

So I moved it yesterday, indoors, somewhere warm. (Thanks to Ryan Spence for the work space.) There are a few rough spots that still need to be completed but that won’t take long and then it’s wrapping time. I mean, I think it is. There are no instructions for this job so I’m making it up as it happens.

I don’t know exactly what happens next but I think it’s going to be sticky.

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